Monday, July 20, 2009

Jabs and stuff

Brought Reyes to his PD, Dr Yong on Fri to get his jabs. It was so coincidental that we met a mummy there having 2 sons same name as mine! She has a Regan and a Reyes and the order of birth is the same too. Haha!

I overheard she's rushing for time thus I offered for her to see the doc first. She was so grateful about it that she bought us a cake thereafter but I forgot abt the namecard she left in the bag and my maid threw it away. Probably has to get his number from the clinic to say once.

Reyes is about 1.5 mos old now and he weighs 4.7 kg. Not bad at all. Discussed with Dr Yong and decided that it seemed like we can skip the 2 am feed as he is growing well and most of the time sleepy for the night feeds. For the past few nights it wasn't very successful cos I still have to get out of bed a few times but I guess I would soon be having my much needed sleep! :)

Regan specifically asked not to be included on this visit to the doctor, when I asked him why, he replied saying he doesnt wanna see Reyes cry. I guess he was traumatised when we brought him along the last time when Reyes has to draw blood from the sole of his foot for blood test.

Reyes was so strong, he only let out a short loud cry after each jab and soon he drifted off to dreamland. In fact, the same goes for Regan as well, I remembered when he was a baby, he has no problems for these jabs, crying stops like after 3 seconds. Perhaps they both inherited my high threshold for pain. For both my deliveries, I didn't have epidural and for Regan it was even an induced labour which is supposedly more painful than a natural one. :)

We are going back KKH this Wed for Reyes' cranial scan. I'm praying that the "echo" gets lesser now. Lets hope for the best.

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