Monday, June 8, 2009

Regan has got "double" infection

Regan ran a fever at 38.7 degrees celsius last night, today he was all up and well but I kept him at home to monitor him. He seemed alright, active and all.

It puzzles me as the onset of the fever must have been brought on by something. upon further probing by my mum, he revealed that his penis feels painful when he passes urine. I checked and discovered that his privates is a bit red at the tip. So I was thinking this could be an infection that led to his fever last night.

Brought him to the doctor in the evening and he was asked to do a urine test and the doc found that he is indeed having a urinary infection as well as a throat infection as his throat is all red.

So, he was given antibiotics and several other meds to be consumed at home. I discussed with the doctor on how he could have gotten this urinary infection, doc commented that for boys, its actually quite hard to contract this and since its hard to contract, its hard to heal as well, so we have to go back next week for a review and another round of urine test.

The enrichment school Regan is attending does not have proper toilet facilities for kids his age, in fact, they uses the adult toilets and all the boys are required to stand by the toilet bowl to pee. My boy being small in size have a bit of difficulty and it is no wonder that his penis might have touched the edge of the toilet bowl or something. hm, I'm gonna talk to the teachers in charge about this and hopefully they can come up with a solution for me before I put him into another school.

But frankly speaking, this school is pretty good except for this issue.. sigh..


  1. Oh dear, Regan is sick?

    Take good care of him!

    And it must be very tiring for you to take care of Reyes and Regan at the same time. Rest well alright!

    May God bless all of you :)


  2. Thanks Selene, he is much better already!

    And you bet, its very tiring juggling both and I'm trying to avoid Regan getting jealous at all costs. Sigh! Its very tough.