Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Updates

Reyes has been home for almost 3 weeks. I think he is around 3 kg now as his last known weight was 2.7 kg on 28 May 09.

So far he has been to 2 reviews already. Did his cranial scan, the 0.3 cm cyst is still there but doc said its nothing to worry about. He also did his eye test and everything was fine. It was quite shocking to discover that preemies actually have 3 times higher risk of getting short sightedness, lazy eyes and other eye ailments then a full term baby. Reyes is scheduled for another eye test when he turns 6 mths old (corrected age). I'm glad things are ok for now and his next review will be in Aug with the cardiologist. Hopefully, that will be ok as well.

I've been real busy taking care of him, feeding him 8 times a day, expressing my EBM almost 6 times a day, bathing him twice a day, taking my own meals. I'm left with very little time to sleep and to do my own stuff. Tough tough! But seeing him growing bit by bit as the day goes by, that is satisfying enough.

Everyone is saying he looks like Regan. This little boy is kinda sensitive to any noise, everytime I express milk in the room, he would be tossing and turning and making noise in his bed to protest. haha, blame it on my medela NOISY pump.

Here are some of his recent pics:

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  1. WAh Didi is SOOO CUTE LORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna PINNNNCCCH his chubby cheeks!!

    -AH PING