Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reyes is home!

After having spent a total of 7 weeks in NICU and a week in Special Care, Reyes is finally home.

We picked him up from the hospital on Fri. Initially I was glad that I can finally put my pump aside since he is coming home but it didn't seem the case. He has a whole lot of stuff to add to his EBM for every feed, the vitamins, MCT oil, protein powder and iron drops. So, I still have to express my breastmilk for him to be bottle-fed with all these goodies for the next 2 mths not to mention the various follow up appointments with the cardiologist, eye doc as well as a cranial scan. He was discharged weighing 2.16kg.

He is now fed 3-hourly, starting from 8 am every morning round the clock. I practically didn't get much sleep. -_-' I was down with mastisis, inflammation on my right breast, it was so painful and I developed a 40 degrees Celsius fever in the middle of the night on Sat. Went to see doc and was given antibiotics as well as some panadol. Its now better already.

Brought Reyes to the PD on Mon and was glad to see him now weighing 2.35kg. Generally he is ok but needs to beef him up a little and the rest of the vaccination will have to wait till he is at least 3.0 kg. But we need to go back every week for review though.

Everyone says he looks like the brother.. hee :)


  1. Von he looks good and cute leh....his cheeks chubby chubby de!

  2. Hi Steph,

    yeah lo.. chubby chubby and with 2 deep dimples when he smiles.. super cute! hee