Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bottle Feeding!!

Reyes is now in the "Growing Prem" room in SCN. We couldnt find him in his usual spot today.. haha.

Glad to see that he is now off the tube and is fully on bottle feeding, taking 36 ml every 3 hrs. His weight is now 2010g and he looked so much better without the tube, his chin is cute!

I carried him for a while and the attending nurse asked if I would like to bottle feed him, I said yes to that immediately. He suckle on the bottle for a while, and paused for a while and suckle on it for a while, in no time, the bottle of EBM was almost finished. I took the bottle out of his mouth and let him rest a little..

But viola, the next thing I know, he vomitted all over himself and me. -_-'
Then I checked with the nurse and was told that I should burp him occasionally through out the feeding session. oh.. I felt so bad.. Reyes, so sorry, mummy didn't know I have to do that cos I thought 36 ml was very little. I'll be more careful next time.

The attending nurse decides not to give him anymore EBM until the next scheduled time so I placed him back into the crib while I wipe myself dry. The nurse changed his swaddling cloth and he was pretty restless. He looks as though he is still hungry so the nurse asked if I want to try latching him on direct. I'm like all wided-eyes, "can I??", I was so excited and anxious about the thought.

I sat down and tried latching him on direct. So cute, each time he suckle, I can see his dimples. I think he did get some breast milk but not a lot as he keeps stopping after suckling for a while, but I stopped after a few mins as I didn't want to overwhelm him and was afraid he might throw up again.

I enquired when I can bring him back as he is already more than 2 kg and he is now more than 35 weeks. But apparently it seemed like it will only be possible after we, the parents have learnt some important skills dealing with premmies. We need to go through a CPR class and also some basic childcare skills sessions.

I'm having mixed feeling now. I'm happy and yet worried at the same time, I'm happy that Reyes is coming home but I'm also worried that I might not know how to take care of him properly. But like what hubby said, I should just take care of him like how I would a normal full term baby, perhaps if I think this way, I might feel less pressured.

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